About us

Meet our team

ATMAT is a group of young and ambitious engineers who studied at the University of Science and Technology in Cracow. Our mission is to develop new technologies which will meet the Clients’ expectations. From the beginning of ATMAT, the most important element of our work is to create a satisfying cooperation on the highest quality level.

We have a vision of a world without technological boundaries. A world in which we can create anything and only our imagination is the limit. It requires creative thinking and constant development, but it also brings happines from creating new devices.

ATMAT’s vast offer consists of products made under our own brand. Despite the fact that we are a relatively young company, we gained trust of many other entrepreneurs and this number is still increasing.

We are a new, dynamically developing company, involved in modelling, production and continous improvement of 3D printers, operating in FFF technology (continuous deposition of plastic layers):

  • rapid prototyping
  • CAD design, the whole machinery, parts and tools (SolidWorks 2016)
  • training and workshops related to 3D printing,
  • PLC programming
  • analysis and consulting on technical problems and economic factors associated with the production
  • details CNC and manual machining (aluminum, brass, steel, plastics) – full range of equipment and machinery
  • integration of automation systems
  • prototypes 3D printing, short runs of parts or substitutes – plastics (inlcuding transparent) and rubber (TPU)
  • writing programs dedicated to PCs and other devices
  • image analysis – 3D scanning, optical validation etc.
  • production methods development
  • comprehensive machines design and production on request
  • products designing and testing
  • projects visualization
  • technical support and consultation