Research and development

Activity profile

This segment is the beginning for each idea and concept of a new product. After the success of R&D work, commercialization phase begins. As a team of young and ambitious people, ATMAT company is willing to take up new challenges and solve problems that are presented by our customers, which is evidenced by our letters of recommendation. The level of works complexity is diverse – from initial studies and prototypes to full research projects. ATMAT is very keen to start competitions for financing their activities through financial instruments and grants. We have gained founding from the National Research and Development Centre on our first major project.

Our mission is to create useful technology without limiting to only one field. Although the company is still young in experience, we understand the importance of reliability when dealing with contractors, high quality of our products and compliance with applicable regulations. Therefore, we cooperate with many experienced players, such as:

  • AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow,
  • University of Physical Education in Cracow,
  • The Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • The Central Mining Institute in Katowice,
  • Tissue Bank and Blood Transfusion Centre in Katowice.