Custom machines and production lines

Activity profile

Thanks to multidisciplinary experience of our team we are able to address every problem and propose the most effective solution, from the design of new part to building the whole production line. As a group of young people we are looking for unconventional solutions, that can ensure the best results. To do it we apply techniques of 3D printing, advanced CAD design, together with full strength and motion analyses. We cooperate with design offices and production companies, in which we implement our machine solutions that are used to expedite operation.

Realized projects

Paining stand

Stand for painting profiles together with mounting handles and storage stand. The stand is operated by one employee. The main part of the stand is a worktable for mounting profiles on handles. They are made with use of 3D printing technology and can contain 5 profiles. A turntable in the working chamber provides fast and easy application of paint layers on both sides of profiles. Application of the paint is done with a pressure or pneumatic system suited for the given substance. There is a possibility of using pressure vessels (in ergonomic handle). Double filtration system with fumes exhaust overcomes their coming out from the stand.

Construction materials: aluminium, steel, PLA, PMMA

Quantity of additional storage stands and handles for individual decision. Every handle is suited for the shape of profiles.

Blowing stand

The stand for protecting an operator during the process of various elements blowing. The main construction element is a working chamber made from stainless steel. It is placed on riding platform. The appliance is equipped with four lockable wheels and quick disconnect for compressed air, that enable the device to be located easily in various places. Front side of the stand is protected with safety glass made of PMMA in which there are protective gloves mounted (similarly to sanding devices). During project preparation, gloves position can be precisely established. On both sides there are door that allow to place the assembly in the chamber. Additional protection, blocking blowguns in case of opened door, is applied. In the working chamber the standard blowgun is placed. Closing the door unlocks the valve and allows to use the blowgun.

Main construction materials used to build the stand are: stainless steel (working chamber), aluminium (elements in the direct contact with pipe assemblies), PMMA, protective materials.

The device is powered by compressed air and can be used for pressures up to 8 bar (input 16 bar max., input controller reduces the pressure available in the installation).

Approximate dimensions of the workspace: 2300 mm width, 1000 mm depth, 1500 mm height. Distance between ground and working chamber: 800 mm.

Approximate dimensions of the stand: 2500 mm width, 1200 mm depth, 2500 mm height.

Pressure test

Machine for high-pressure testing in range 0-1000 PSIG. Functional design solutions applied in the device let for the complete control of the process with use of visual interface. Easy handling is guaranteed by the transparent cover and HMI Operator Panel. Auxiliary screen displaying working pressure inside the chamber is also mounted. It enables easier observation of assemblies and working parameters during operation. The stand is also equipped with an automatically raised and lowered flap. The machine is designed to be operated by only one operator.

Main construction materials: stainless steel (working chamber), aluminium and polycarbonate (cover, elements with direct contact with the tested parts), protective rubber

The device operation is based on setting the working parameters by HMI Operator Panel and electronic regulation of the pressure with use of solenoids. There is a possibility to set the pressure and testing time directly as well as with the use of programs with operation parameters. The functionality of loading a group of programs after their preparation on the computer is also implemented. The operation is signalized by light column and sound signals. There are also three emergency buttons for operator safety.

Safety elements:

  • Cover blocking during machine operation.
  • Light column with buzzer according to the description.
  • Possibility to lock main switches with a padlock.
  • Moving elements and edges cover.
  • Emergency switch on the control panel and auxiliary switch on the other side of the device.
  • Protected hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components (beyond the necessary to the operation).
  • Possibility of transport by forklift.
  • Flap of the device maintaining opened position with use of actuators, opening/closing automatically.
  • Protection against exceeding the maximum pressure.
  • Ergonomic space from the ground to the bottom plane of the devices of 200±50 mm (without machine legs)
  • Ergonomic height for working chamber of 950±200 mm.