3D printing slicing software

executor3D is an original software created from scratch by ATMAT’s own software developers. It works with any 3D printer. With this application you can cut and print even very complicated and big models, clear and intuitive layout will help you with that. You can change all the print settings and then check the history of those changes saved in the final G-Code file. Creating fillings and smart supports helps with strenghtening the key elements of the model and speeding up the printing process. The clear and intuitive navigation ensures an easy and full operation of the working field of any 3D printer. Additional functions make possible to manipulate quickly with models and model groups, to modify their sizes or positions. All changes will be saved it the output G-Code file, which will help to analize and upgrade the model for the next print.

3D printer with laser engraving head

We are testing new solution for ATMAT Signal 3D printer series. Soon available, interchangeable laser head for cutting and engraving. It can be used with materials as: wood, plastics, PCB, painted steel, stainless steel.



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