Industry lines

The pouring line

The production of liquid, semi-liquid and loose products, produced on a large scale, can be automated thanks to a dedicated pouring line. The line can be composed of various elements and be responsible for a number of different operations, as well as feeding different products in series at a specified frequency.

In response to market demand, we offer functional equipment and production lines tailored to a specific business profile, individually designed and meeting all safety requirements.

Individual stations

Individual adjustment of the stations allows the use of packaging made of various materials, such as plastic, glass, metal, cardboard and of various shapes.

The production speed is determined individually depending on the customer's needs

An experienced team specializing in design, automation, programming and assembly works on the implementation of technological solutions. Thanks to this, we are able to make any machine adapted to a given industry. The functional solutions we have created will allow you to achieve significant savings.


Dedicated industry line or device


Posibbility of integration with other devices


Adapting the line to different types of packaging and products

We will design a stand, responsible for the following production operations:

The automation of the series production process has several advantages:


Increasing the efficiency of the enterprise and the automated process


No downtime in the company's operation


Health protection for the machine operators


Ensuring the production repeatability


No external factors influencing the line performance


Lowering production costs and increasing revenues

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