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Specialist tools for industry

We create concepts, construct and manufacture individual tools and specialized equipment in accordance with the customer's technical specifications. The tools ensure repeatability of positioning, allow for quality control, initial assembly, execution of the finished product and constitute dedicated components of the machines.

Modern machinery park allows for professional implementation of machining services on conventional and CNC machines. We offer both unit and serial machining of a wide range of materials. Working on conventional machines we use digital position readings.

Production of tools and components to order

We provide services in the production of special tools based on technical documentation or in response to specific technological needs. We design and make tools from scratch, thanks to which they are 100% tailored to the industry specifics. A modern machine park and an experienced team of operators translates into the quality and accuracy of services rendered.

We provide milling services on 3-axis CNC machines and milling and turning services on conventional machine tools. We specialize in machining metal alloys, steel (also hardened), cast iron, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. We also make plastic parts - including Teflon, POM, PVC. Elements made by our company can also undergo surface treatment to protect against corrosion or abrasion.







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