Mock-up of stadium 3D print in FDM technology

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Development trends in 3D printing

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Individually customized industrial lines

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How to choose a 3D printer for your company?

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One of the largest 3D printers in Europe

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Welding is one of the first robotic industrial processes. Using a robot gives the opportunity to achieve high precision, repeatability and speed, while maintaining high quality and aesthetics of welds. The utilization of the welding source is several times higher than in the manual welding, which leads to the increase of the company's production capacity.

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Robotic <br/>welding

Industrial machines

We offer functional devices adapted to a specific business profile, individually tailored and meeting all safety requirements. 

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We create and make individual designs of specialist tools and devices in accordance with the customer's technical specifications. 

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Industry line

We offer functional equipment and production lines tailored to a specific business profile, individually designed and meeting all safety requirements.

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We create the world of new technologies


We believe in success that comes from a continuous development


Our desire to change lets us overcome any boundaries


While creating dedicated solutions, we take care of even the smallest details


We make sure that ideas can take a desirable shape


We advise, implement and educate

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